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Legacy Firearms Training Academy was born from a patriotic desire to share firearms knowledge & skills to those who haven’t been around firearms all their life. Shooting is fun and SAFE if exercised with the proper skills.


We LOVE helping people. Our goal is to share our experience, knowledge, & skills in a safe environment students feel comfortable in- regardless of their experience level. We are not drill instructor type firearms trainers!

We promote a fun, safe environment where students can be relaxed enough to enjoy the training and learn proper firearm handling and marksmanship skills.

Our bread and butter is basic firearms skills across all firearm platforms.  We promote recreational and competitive shooting as enthusiastically as personal defense.  Whether you’d like to simply understand what firearms are and how they work, keep firearms safely in your home, learn to shoot skeet, hunt with a rifle, reload ammunition, or get your concealed pistol license... we can help you.  Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Ammunition Reloading, AR15, Muzzleloading, and Defensive firearm skills are all training we offer.  We also offer intermediate & advanced classes for those looking to increase their skills & knowledge base beyond the basics.

In regards to personal defense our belief is this: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the great human equalizer and is unique to citizens of our United States of America.  We are guaranteed the right to self defense with the use of arms... it is important we exercise that right.  Every person on earth should have the right, and the tools, to defend themselves and their loved ones from violence.  There is a famous saying that says ‘God made Men, but Sam Colt made them all equal’.  No one should have to physically fight their way out of a lethal attack... not all people are physically equal.  Victims don't choose to be attacked!  You can, however, choose to level the playing field by having a firearm along with the knowledge, skills, & attitude to use it properly.  Personal defense in a life threatening situation should not be tilted in favor of the assailant any more than it likely already will be.

Remember- a defensive firearm is much like a fire extinguisher.  You pray you never have to use it... but you don’t want to be without it when the need arises! 

Firearms simply require more training. 

Legacy is here to help!

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